About the Pastor

David Ferriman started studying the Bible and later the Book of Mormon around the age of 5. In High School, he was the president of his seminary class all four years he attended, graduating with high marks. After High School, he felt led by the Holy Spirit to spend a number of years visiting many different Christian denominations and other religious paths, learning everything he could about the different ways God has revealed Himself to mankind.

Returning to the denomination of his childhood in his early to mid 20’s, David took on a number of roles, including leadership, missionary work, and teaching for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the main Brighamite branch (the Utah Mormons) of the Latter Day Saints.  There, he would generally speak to groups of people, educating them on the teachings of this branch of our shared faith, or leading in missionary efforts. He put together programs for teaching, training, and outreach, and preached numerous times from the pulpit to various congregations. In addition, he was consistently asked to preform a variety of priesthood ordinances and functions.

After leaving the Brighamites, David was called of God to start a Latter Day Saint unity movement: the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship. He and his wife, Kristine, are the co-presidents of the Council of Elders that leads this religious organization. Their goals in these roles are to unite the Saints and help the spiritually homeless find communities to worship in. As part of their ministry they have begun a School of the Prophets. With LDSU, David and Kristine host a Zoom worship service weekly to ensure all that desire fellowship may do so and partake in the Sacrament of Communion, participating with fellow Saints.

In addition, David has worshiped with Community of Christ, another branch of the Latter Day Saint movement. He has shared messages from their pulpit and taught Sunday School for one of their local congregations.