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  • Fasting with Purpose and Power

    Fasting has been a sacred practice carried out since time immemorial in nearly all cultures. Today, science tells us that fasting also has a number of benefits to our physical health, body and mind. Fasting can help detoxify the body and even contributes to the healing of some diseases.

  • Why the Book of Mormon is True

    All holy books have truth and wisdom in them; yet we do not accept all holy books as scripture the way we do the Bible and Book of Mormon. We claim the Book of Mormon is “true.”  We say that the Gospel is “true.” But what does this mean? What is “truth?”

  • Free Will

    Reality is defined by how we see the world. As a walk the path of teshuvah, the way we see the world changes. In the beginning we see through human eyes, we see weakness and sin. Once born again our perception changes and we see God’s creation as He sees it: it is good.